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Foot Position [Supination of foot] – Increasing your risk of injury? [Blog Series]

Do your shoes wear down on the outside? [Supination of foot]

Does your big toe wear a hole in your trainers?

Pronation & Over Pronation - What's normal & what's not

3 week blog series including:

Case Studies

Top tips to improve your foot position and stability

What is supination of foot?

Supination of the foot symptoms

What's normal & what's not - Over pronation


Over Supination

Week 1: how your shoes can indicate whether you are at higher risk of pain & injury. Supination of foot

Trainer - Hole at toe

Week 2: Do your trainers wear out at the toe? What it says about your body position

5 min footwear checklist

Week 3: Use these simple tests and short video to check your footwear & resolve over pronation & supination issues

Look out for our 3 week blog series on Foot Position & Foot Instability

There's a lot of confusion and mis-understanding about how the position of your feet affects your posture, your pelvis position, your gait (walking) cycle and ultimately your risk of injury and pain.

So over the next 3 weeks I'll take you through some actual case studies to show how your trainers/shoes could tell you a lot about your likelihood for injury and what you can do to minimise that risk

What you'll learn:

Week 1:

How common injuries such as a 'pinching' hip pain can be caused from poor foot position

Supination of foot

Case Study: Tennis Player with hip pain on running and playing


Week 2:

How your footwear can indicate you need more stability in your footwear


Week 3:

Over Pronation - what's normal & what's not

How to check your footwear, so you can reduce your risk of injury

PLUS: Our choice of the best trainers to give you the stability you need and adress the supination of the foot symptoms

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