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We use our advanced skills and unique approach to enable us to enhance sporting performance for both professional sports men and women and sporting enthusiasts alike.

From golfers to footballers, cricketers to tennis players, we have enabled individuals to play their sport without pain and with a reduced risk of injury.

Our advanced techniques have also helped these individuals to improve their game, that means gaining yards on your drives for golfers, more M.P.H for a fast bowler and improved agility around the court and service speed and accuracy.

With our techniques we focus on getting your body into its correct position. As an athlete, this means your body will be moving as it should be with more power and speed. We will identify overuse of the wrong muscles and address your specific areas of muscle weakness that could be increasing your risk of injury.

By restoring your body to its full range of movement without pain will give cricketers, golfers and tennis players the rotation they require to improve their game. Footballers, netballers and rugby players can kick or throw a ball further and play a match with more power and speed whilst also reducing their risk of injury.

Whether you have an injury that’s affecting your training, you just want to prevent future injuries, or you want to take your performance to the next level, our sports performance expertise will give you the edge over your competitors and the ability to reach your full potential.

For more information about our Sports Performance service email us at or book your Free Consultation CallD YOU KNOW THAT A LIMITATION IN YOUR SHOULDER CAN AFFECT YOUR RUNNI

Benefit From Our Professional Sport Expertise

Client Love!

Finding Martin was one of the best things to happen in my life! I had extremely bad costochondritis for about 6 months. I was in constant pain everyday of my life, which limited what i could do (Being sporty and very active this was extremely hard for me mentally and physically).

What happened next was literally magic. I went to see Martin as a last ditch hope and after one session I was pain free. I actually couldn't believe it at first. 6 months of pain and then suddenly nothing! The guy is a magician! The work he does is incredible and so is his knowledge. His passion for what he does and reassurance is brilliant.

A huge thanks to Martin for restoring my happiness and fixing my problem. I look forward to your work spreading and taking over the UK!

If you are wanting a solution to your pain then Martin is your man. This new style of physiotherapy is life changing...get to know!!!

~ Ben Winn - Personal Trainer

Martin is an easy going guy with a huge amount of knowledge. I had been suffering with a running stitch and lower back pain for 6 years which went unresolved from seeing other osteopaths and physios. Martin was able to understand my problem right away and put me right using a whole body holistic approach. I have already recommended him to all my close family and friends!

~ Louise

Martin's knowledge and service is unparalleled in the UK. His use of the PRI system is what sets him apart from anything currently available in the country. Martin's delivery of this revolutionary (as I see it!) system was great- I left with a better understanding of my body and how to get the most of it. It's going to give me years on my professional sporting career!

~ Callum Wilson

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