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Golf Injuries: Get All The Pro Golf Physio Expertise You Need, So You Can Be Free Of Golf Injuries, Play Pain-Free And Enjoy Your Golf Again ...

Without Further Frustration & Time Wasted With Injury & Pain

With My European Tour Winning Approach and Golf Injuries Expertise, You'll See Improvements In Your Golf Injuries And Pain Fast

Follow Our Simple 3-Step Golf Injuries Process

Step 1: Let's Talk

Book your Free Golf Consultation Call and we can discuss your individual golf injury or pain and give you advice that will help you with your golf injury right now

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Step 2: Let's Plan

Together we can get clear on your specific golf injury and what your next step should be. We will create an individualised plan for getting you and your body exactly where you want it to be

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Step 3: Let's Go!

We will devise a complete golf injury programme specifically for you and give you all the support and guidance you need, to enable you to get back to playing pain and injury-free

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Learn More About Our Unique 3-Stage High Performance Golf Method To Help You With Your Golf Injuries:

  • Be Stronger And Eliminate Your Risk Of Golf Injuries
  • Play Pain-Free And Stay Injury-free
  • Simplify your warm up
  • See improvements in your injury and pain immediately
  • Recover from Pain & Injury to Play Your Best Golf By Gaining Better Pelvic And Ribcage Rotation
  • Receive bonus training to your phone so you can access on-the-go
Golf Performance Signature System
Golf Physio - Golf Performance Specialist

About Martin Higgins - Golf Injuries Physio

Martin Higgins of ProSport Physiotherapy has over 20 years experience working in Professional Sport. He has developed a unique tour-winning approach to Golf Injuries, Golf Fitness and Golf Performance. He specialises in helping golfers gain yards on their driving distance, quickly manage any golf injuries or pain and improve their accuracy and consistency. Resulting in a reduced handicap and winning performance.

Martin has helped European Tour Golfers win at events including the Dubai Desert Classic and Trophee Hassan in Morocco on the European Tour.

Martin has worked one on one on tour with some of the best European Golfers including Stephen Gallagher, Tommy Fleetwood, Andy Sullivan and Alejandro Canizares, using these same techniques to help them gain better position and rotation at the pelvis and ribcage and perform at their best.

Let's Discuss How We Could Help You

Golf Injury Physiotherapy

  • Golf Back Pain
  • Golf Hip Pain
  • Golf Knee Pain
  • Golf Shoulder Injuries
  • Golf Wrist Injuries
  • Golf Ankle/Foot Injuries

Our Golf Injury Services

  • Golf Physiotherapy
  • Golf movement screening
  • Golf Injury Prevention
  • Golf Fitness Programmes
  • Post operative rehabilitation

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