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Over Supination

My shoes wear down on the outside [Over Supination of foot] … what does it mean? Part 1 of 3 [Blog Series]

My shoes wear on the outside? [Over Supination] & what you can do about it
Ever wondered what this means for your body position and your risk of injury?
Over Supination can cause pain in the outside of the foot on impact (e.g. running) and be linked with other injuries

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5 min footwear checklist

Foot Position [Supination of foot] – Increasing your risk of injury? [Blog Series]

Look out for our 3 week email series on Foot Position & Foot Instability – COMING SOON

There’s a lot of confusion and mis-understanding about how the position of your feet (Pronation and Supination of foot) affects your posture, your pelvis position, your gait (walking) cycle and ultimately your risk of injury and pain.

So over the next 3 weeks I’ll take you through some actual case studies to show how your trainers/shoes could tell you a lot about your likelihood for injury and what you can do to minimise that risk

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Rib Flare - Foam Rolling Exercises Upper Back

Are you wasting your time with foam rolling exercises?

Are you wasting your time with foam rolling exercises? Are there any real benefits of foam rolling? Are you still stiff & struggling with restricted movement, despite hours of foam rolling exercises & stretching? Try our 2 simple tests to see if foam rolling exercises are benefiting you The Theory  One of the common things you…

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Asics Gel Foundation

Is Your Sport Injury Linked To Your Footwear?

GOOD FOOTWEAR – A KEY FACTOR FOR INJURY PREVENTION THE RIGHT SHOE CAN PREVENT RUNNING & SPORTING INJURIES DO YOUR TRAINERS PASS OUR TESTS? AVOID SPORTS INJURIES BY CHOOSING THE RIGHT TRAINERS Sports Injury Footwear – Sports Injury Prevention Trainers   Whilst the right trainer isn’t likely to heal a given injury, the right trainer…

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Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injury Treatment Case Study

CASE STUDY : SPORTS INJURY TREATMENT – PERSONAL TRAINER Sports Injury Treatment – How repositioning the ribcage with a neurological approach can get rid of sternum pain, in just one session. Do you have a sports injury that limits your training in the gym? Are you passionate about working out but a sports injury is holding…

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Achilles Tendon Pain

Achilles Tendinopathy – Inflammation is NOT usually the cause of the pain

CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, THE TENDON ISN’T USUALLY INFLAMED The Achilles tendon is the connection between the calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) and the heel bone (calcaneus). It is the thickest and strongest tendon in the body and can receive a load stress of up to 4 times body weight when walking, and over 7 times…

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Neck Pain Physio Treatment

Neck Pain – Could neck strengthening exercises make the problem worse?

In the majority of cases your neck pain will be caused by the neck overworking for other muscles. Very often there is another area of the body usually below the neck that is actually weak and causing the neck to overwork, hence causing neck pain! No amount of strengthening exercises, massage, mobilisations and manipulations you have on your…

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