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Martin Higgins has been successfully running a Sports Injury Clinic in Leeds and London. Pro Sports Physiotherapy has been a trusted name among many people. Martin the over 20 years of experience working in Professional Sport. He has developed a unique approach to treating sports injuries and helping athletes be injury free. He specialises in helping sports men & women understand the cause of any injuries or pain and developing an individualised plan for them to be injury free. Resulting in better movement, control, speed & power.

martin higgins sports physiotherapist
Martin Higgins Sports Physiotherapist

Want to know how I can help with your sports injuries? Book your Free Consultation Call

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Client Love

Martin's knowledge and service is unparalleled in the UK. His use of the PRI system is what sets him apart from anything currently available in the country. Martin's delivery of this revolutionary (as I see it!) system was great- I left with a better understanding of my body and how to get the most of it. It's going to give me years on my professional sporting career!
Callum Wilson
Martin is an easy going guy with a huge amount of knowledge. I had been suffering with a running stitch and lower back pain for 6 years which went unresolved from seeing other osteopaths and physios. Martin was able to understand my problem right away and put me right using a whole body holistic approach. I have already recommended him to all my close family and friends!
Laura Payling
I came to see Martin for what I thought, and had been told was a groin strain brought on by playing hockey. After 6 months of suffering between season and doctors feeding me anti-inflammatories it took Martin about 5 minutes to suss this was not the case. He figured that it was a hernia caused by a number of things to do with my general body positioning. Would highly recommend him to anyone I know. The knowledge he has and the technique he uses tops that of many other professionals I have tried over the last 6 months.
Jonathan Sharman
#trainhappy # Compete happy Amazing results (in short time), may seem unconventional yet the results speak for themselves. . given I had tried many other types physio, treatment, time off!! recurrent achilles/hip issues - I was never able to run pain free. Martin changed my life and I now complete endurance/Ironman distance triathlons, and Marathons PAIN and INJURY free. Still do my exercises. See you in London soon. Thank you Julie

Julie Watson

Pro Sport Physiotherapy - Sports Injury Clinic

So What Makes Us Different

At Pro Sport Physiotherapy Sports Injury Clinic we address the root cause of your sports injury symptoms. Our approach is a very active process and requires the patient/athlete to work hard and be consistent with the exercise regime in order to improve their function and achieve their goals. If you are looking for traditional, passive physiotherapy to treat your symptoms e.g. manipulation, massage, acupuncture, dry needling, electrotherapy then our approach is not for you.

In your initial assessment, we identify the key factors that are influencing your body position and alignment. We have a proven 360-degree approach that works for elite athletes and can be applied to everyone. We offer assessment and accurate diagnosis and an individualised treatment plan to help you stay injury free.

We take a very unique approach to help athletes. We will undertake a complete biomechanical assessment of your whole body. We will then restore the ideal alignment of your body to improve your movement efficiency and reduce your risk of injury with a range of manual and non-manual techniques. You will be provided with your own specific exercise programme to help maintain and improve your body position.  

We place great importance on having the right supportive footwear, as we understand the significant impact it can have on the position of your foot and pelvis position. For some patients, a change in footwear will be sufficient to correct their grounding at the floor. Whilst other patients will require a custom made orthotic to help maintain the position of the heel bone to improve the function of the foot and lower limb.

How can we help you?

At Pro Sport Physiotherapy Sports Injury Clinic we are experts in dealing with sports injuries. We have over 20 years of clinical experience in full-time professional sport. Whether it’s a recent injury or chronic injurywhatever your chosen sport we will maximise your recovery by tailoring your rehabilitation to your individual goals and monitoring your progress throughout.

Whether you have been injured whilst playing a high-level sport or during a recreational activity, we will help you get back on your feet, get back on the pitch or back doing what you love, fast.

Over the last decade, Pro Sport Physiotherapy has provided physiotherapy services to professional sports clubs, individuals and international teams. These include European tour golfers, professional footballers, dancers, cricketers, jockeys and tennis players.  

We have provided physiotherapy for Leeds Tykes Rugby Union, Huddersfield Giants Rugby League, Bradford Bulls Rugby league, Leeds Rhinos Rugby League, England Rugby League, and Samoa Rugby League.

At Pro Sport Physiotherapy we have worked with numerous winners on the European tour. In the last two years we have provided consultancy for premiership and championship football clubs, county championship cricket teams and numerous rugby union and rugby league clubs. You can now access the same level of sport physiotherapy that is delivered to these elite athletes.

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