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Postural Restoration


Postural Restoration

ProSport Physiotherapy are proud to be at the forefront of an exciting new approach to treatment known as Postural Restoration®.

 At ProSport Physiotherapy we examine natural imbalances that occur in the human body and contribute to dominant movement patterns (e.g. right dominance).

These asymmetrical movement patterns, together with individual habits or injury lead to stress, strain and torque on joints, tendons and muscles. Over time this can result in breakdown and pain.

When this patterning becomes so dominant that your body does not understand how to perform activities in any other way, problems occur. As a result, compensations develop. When mixed with time, repetitive motion or strain, pain develops.
At ProSport Physiotherapy we see the body as a whole system. Compensation or instability in one area will have a direct affect on another. We consider the whole body and look at how all the parts interact with one another, resulting in better outcomes for our patients “and more efficient movement throughout your body.

At ProSport Physiotherapy, our growing expertise in PRI techniques has led to an increasing number of success stories in treating complex injuries and conditions and also enhancing sporting performance.


If you have an injury or pain that you has not resolved with traditional physiotherapy, get in touch today and allow us find the real cause and eliminate the pain for good – We Think Differently