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Neck Pain – Did you know neck strengthening exercises could make the problem worse?

In the majority of cases the pain will be caused by the neck overworking for other muscles. Very often there is another area of the body usually below the neck that is actually weak and causing the neck to overwork, hence causing neck pain! No amount of massage, mobilisations and manipulations you have on your neck will address the underlying cause. The muscles will continue to tighten up and the pain will keep coming back.

Unfortunately, until we actually assess you we cannot be 100% sure which muscles need to be actually strengthened to eliminate your neck pain. Some people need core work, some need hip stability work and some might even need ankle stability work! We often have 2 cases of left sided ‘trap or shoulder pain and tightness’ radiating into the shoulder blade or up in to the neck. These 2 different cases will not clear with the same treatment plan because everyone is different!

Our York Physiotherapists will take a very unique approach to treating your neck pain. In the majority of cases the pain will be caused by the neck overworking for other muscles. We will not only assess your neck, but we will address the underlying biomechanical factors that are causing your neck pain. These include ribcage position, breathing mechanics, diaphragm position, spinal orientation and cranium position. We will then use a range of manual and non-manual techniques to restore the proper alignment of your body reducing pain and dysfunction. You will be provided with specific exercises tailored to your individual requirements. Our treatment approach encompasses injury prevention and focuses on integration into your daily living for long-term relief.

Some Signs That My Neck Is Overworking For Other Muscles:

  • Neck feels heavy and tight at the end of the day
  • Neck feels tight when getting stressed or anxious
  • Breathing feels laboured and difficult at times
  • Pain improves slightly with exercise, but stiffens up at rest
  • When doing sit ups, there is a lot of pressure felt in your neck
  • Neck feels tight after doing weight training

If you have neck pain that you’ve struggled to get rid of, get in touch today and allow us to find the real cause and eliminate the tension and aches for good. Ring our York clinic direct on 01904 622599 or book online

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