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Sports Injury Clinic

So What Makes Us Different

Our philosophy is based on a Postural Restoration approach that works for our elite athletes and can be applied to everyone. We offer assessment and accurate diagnosis and an individualised programme for helping you achieve your full potential.

We take a very unique approach to helping athletes. We will undertake a complete bio-mechanical assessment of your whole body. We will then restore the ideal alignment of your body to improve your movement efficiency and reduce your risk of injury with a range of manual and non-manual techniques. You will be provided with your own specific programme, tailored to your individual requirements.

How can we help you?

At Pro Sport Physiotherapy we specialise in sports injuries. We have over 30 years combined clinical experience in full time professional sport. Whether its a recent or chronic injury, whatever your chosen sport we will maximise your recovery by tailoring your rehabilitation to your individual goals and monitoring your progress throughout.

Whether you have been injured whilst playing high level sport or during recreational activity, our physiotherapists will help you get back on your feet, get back on the pitch or back doing what you love, fast.

Our physiotherapists have a vast amount of experience in treating all types of sports injuries.

Over the last decade Pro Sport Physiotherapy have provided physiotherapy services to professional sports clubs, individuals and international teams. These include Olympic hopefuls, European tour golfers, professional dancers, cricketers, jockeys and tennis players, Leeds Tykes Rugby Union, Huddersfield Giants Rugby League, Munster Rugby Union, Yorkshire Rugby Union, England Academy Rugby Union, Exiles Rugby League, England Rugby League and Samoa Rugby League.

You can now access the same level of sport physiotherapy that is delivered to elite athletes.